AcuiCam is made in Denmark by Svend B Sorensen & Thomas Rued.

Requires iOS 11 or later.

Compatible with iPhone SE-6S to 11-11 Pro & iPad Pro 9.7 to 11-12.9.

AcuiCam is a Camera & Editing App that is simple, elegant and intuitive to use. It takes your photography to a new league - closer to reality.


Advanced in a simple way

Enhancement Tools

AcuiCam uses state-of-the-art technology in P3 wide color all the way.

Each time you shoot an image AcuiCam saves an internal Master image you can edit non-destructively as many times as you want. You can choose between Standard (STD) or RAW Master.

In both STD and RAW mode, the Viewfinder & Preview is showing an Acuihance processed view. That means "What you see is what you get". The shot is beside a Master image also auto-saved as a JPG image directly to the Camera Roll - ready to share.

AcuiCam doesn’t come with any fancy filters but is equipped with custom-made enhancement tools because it’s designed to produce pure natural-looking images in high quality.













You can save a processed STD or RAW Master image as a HEIC image, or a JPG image ready to share with family, friends and the world and finally as a PNG image when you need the ultimate quality.

AcuiCam can't make bad images look good - but it can make good images look excellent.

© Copyright by Svend B Sorensen & Thomas Rued, Digital Arts · All rights reserved

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AcuiCam Info

Image Gallery

Click or Tap on the image above to enter the Gallery. Here you can compare original and Acuihance processed images. The processed version has an icon in the lower left corner.


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