AcuiCam Pro is designed to bring you into focus and let you compose and shoot stunning images.

To make this possible, AcuiCam Pro uses Computational Photography. In this case, that is a collection of custom-made enhancement tools developed to produce images that are much closer to resembling the reality you experienced when you shot them.

That means you can simply select the appropriate RealVision preset, point and shoot to get high-quality images right away.

If you are a professional or dedicated amateur, you can fine-tune your images in the Workshop editor for perfection.

Each time you shoot an image, AcuiCam Pro processes it automatically. That means What you see is what you get in both the Viewfinder, Preview and the auto-saved JPG image. This image is stored in the AcuiCam Pro JPG Album in Photos / My Albums - ready to share with family, friends and the world.

You can select to shoot in either STD (Standard) or ProRAW mode. AcuiCam Pro saves a Master image you can edit non-destructively as many times as you want.

AcuiCam Pro requires iOS 14.3 or later to run, and works with iPhone XS and

  all later models.

AcuiCam Pro is made in Denmark by Svend B Sorensen & Thomas Rued.

AcuiCam Pro is a professional Camera & Editor app that is simple, elegant and intuitive to use. It has full support for Apple ProRAW, Deep Fusion, Macro, Depth and quite a lot more.

RealVision Closer to reality

Main Features Plus a lot more









An edited STD or ProRAW Master image can be saved either as a HEIC or JPG image and finally as a lossless PNG image when you need the ultimate quality.

AcuiCam Pro can't make bad images look good

But it can make good images look excellent!

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